Putting clothes on your pooch is cute, but is putting your dog in a sweater or shirt really a good idea? It depends on a few factors, such as temperament, age, and thickness of fur.

Temperament: If your dog is eager to please, enjoys extra attention, and/or easily trained, go for it and try a scarf or something small and work your way up to dress your dog with a sweater or costume. 

Age: If your dog is older and in need of comfort a sweater or shirt can make your dog feel comfortable and loved. On the other side, if your dog is older and gets anxious trying new things it is best to avoid putting a sweater on your dog, but you can try something smaller like hair clips or a scarf. 

Thickness of Fur: If your dog has a thin coat like a Chihuahua dressing up your dog might be good for her to protect her skin or to keep her warm. But if your dog has a thick coat like a chow chow a sweater or shirt should be a No No, but a scarf or hair clip can still give your dog style points.

Judge for yourself whether or not your dog should wear a sweater or shirt. If a sweater is out of the question we have dog accessories that will look great! Fashion for your dog will make her stand out, so if you want fashion at a great price take a look around and check out our dog clothes for sale cheap.







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