We are doing a blog spot on varies dog breeds to help you determine what type of dog is the right pet for you. Remember each type of dog has different temperaments,  size and energy level. If possible see the parents of your pooch to get an idea of how you puppy will act in the future. When adopting you normally can't find that information but ask plenty of questions with the adoption agency to find out the dog temperament and research that breed.  

Today we will help you learn more about the mighty and tiny Chihuahua! Here are some positive traits that Chihuahua have:

   * Great for small apartment living since they don't require much exercise.

   * Travel well and fit in small bags

   * Funny and quirky personalities

   * Very Loyal

   * Alert you when a stranger is near or someone is at your door.

   * Usually have a long life span

Some of the negative traits that Chihuahua's are known for are:

   * Extremely suspicious of new people and if not introduced properly to new people, they are known to bite.

   * They are difficult to train and need plenty of correction when acting in a negative manner.

   * They are fragile and easy to trip over, so she can get easily hurt.

If you want to get a Chihuahua you have to be patient, have consistent training and watch your step since they are so tiny. I hope this blog helps you to determine if a Chihuahua is the right dog for you! Feel free to ask any questions or if you have a specific breed you would like to know more about.  Thank you!




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